Intelligent Visual Surveillance Logic Programming

Recent News & Events

picture In 13 March 2014, our team has won the Best Paper Award on the BIODEVICES international conference (Angers, France). In the photos: Dr. Viacheslav E. Antciperov has got the Best Paper Award certificate in Moscow.
picture This certificate confirms that our paper has won the Best Paper Award. There is a portrait of the first leader of the Soviet Union Vladimir I. Lenin on the cupboard. This portrait is a historic relic of Kotel'nikov Institute of Radio Engineering and Electronics of Russian Academy of Sciences.
picture All authors of the paper have got vouchers with the invitation to visit any other INSTICC international conference during the year for free.
picture Here is the certificate.
picture And this is another certificate indicating that Alexei A. Morozov was a chairman of one conference session in Angers.