Edinburgh - 2017 - ISIE - Themal imaging

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This is an infrared view from the top of St Paul's Cathedral, London, UK.

This is a thermal imaging panorama of Loch Ness and the ruins of the Urquhart Castle. This is the most mysterious place on the shores of Loch Ness. There is no Nessie on this video, please see next ones. All this happens in Scotland.

This is a thermal video of the Loch Ness Lake. We are looking for Nessie using a thermal camera.

A thermal imaging panorama of Loch Ness. Frozen naturalists landed on the shore of Loch Ness and photographed with a scarecrow Nessie.

This is a thermal imaging video from the One O'Clock Gun in the Edinburgh Castle. The shot is produced at one o'clock in the afternoon. If you want to be in time, come early, because there can be a long queue for tickets at the entrance to the castle.

This is a thermal imaging panorama of Edinburgh. The panorama is taken from the Nelson Monument, which stands on the top of the Calton Hill. Edinburgh is visible on the palm of your hand, including the Arthur's Seat (a hill near Edinburgh) and also the Edinburgh Castle (on the horizon), an ancient fortress on the Castle Rock in the center of Edinburgh. The place is relatively deserted, this time no one disturbed us to shoot everything we wanted.

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